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2016 Awards

The Neptune Award was given to:

Bailey Moore and Finn Ahl-Hinson

6 & Under
Up and Coming:
Addy Woodward and Brody Wallace

Most Dedicated: Hayden Pevarnik and Kiefer Steller

Up and Coming:
Scout Nortnik and Gavin Goldstein

Most Dedicated: Ella Andrews and Jack Jones

Up and Coming:
Stella East and Aidan Steller 

Most Dedicated: Addi Moore and Noah Smith

Up and Coming:
Reese Goldinger and Owen East

Most Dedicated: Tatum O'Shea and Caleb Weldon

Up and Coming:
Sophie Alvarez and Bridger Anderberg

Most Dedicated: Evie Sumner and Chandler Hinckley


Up and Coming: Josie Robbins and Jacob Wittenberg

Most Dedicated: Bella Sumner and Greg Gassen

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2015 Awards

The Neptune Award:

                 Isabelle Jones & Zach Brandner

6 & U: Up and Coming: Tatum Webster & Henry Singer

Most Dedicated: Vivian LaScola & Trey Larson         

7-8's: Up and Coming: Bailey Black & Rylan Dinkel

Most Dedicated:  Paige Coleman & Conrad Steller

9-10's: Up and Coming: Ella Cherry & Trevor Gilley

Most Dedicated: Milena Milenkovic & Ben Andrews

11-12's: Up and Coming: Meghan Gilley & Tommy Marquez

Most Dedicated: Bailey Moore & Grayson Highsmith

13-14's: Up and Coming: Annika Mayers & Jacob Wittenberg
Most Dedicated: 
Bella Sumner & Kevin Roth

15-18's:  Up and Coming:  Allie Highsmith & Jack Hoye
Most Dedicated:  
Erin Tornello & Erik Bensen

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