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Volunteer Duties

Cherry Knolls Swim Team is a terrific summertime tradition and would not continue to exist without parent volunteers. Thank you!!!To continue with this great tradition, parents from each swim team family are required to volunteer for: 

• One shift at every swim meet your child(ren) swims in; 


• At least 2 events (Social and/or Fundraising) (Please see above in the section about costs for information about the volunteer deposits.) 

• If you are not able to meet a volunteer shift obligation for which you are signed up, either at a meet or at a fundraising/social event, you must contact the volunteer coordinator about finding a sub. Failure to find a substitute for your fundraising/social shift will result in a volunteer deposit check being cashed. All of Cherry Knolls Swim Team events and meets are run solely by volunteer help.

Swim Meet Volunteering Requirements 

It takes 75 ­ 80 adults to run a home meet. If you have more than one child swimming in a meet, you may be asked to fill more than one shift. If a parent does not fulfill a shift in a meet, your child will not be allowed to swim in the next meet. If you are volunteering for the first shift of the day, it is important that you are at your position prior to the start of the meet. Check in with the Volunteer Coordinator prior to taking your position. The jobs require minimal explanation. Stroke Judges and Starter/Referee are the only positions requiring clinic attendance ahead of the start of the season. 


We have a concession stand only at home meets. Several volunteers are needed to sell items from the concession area, keep the water coolers for the volunteers full, serve water, and help clean up the concession area. Concession volunteers check in with the Concession Chair for their specific duties. Concession duties are described in more detail below. Included in your registration fees is a $10.00 per family, per home meet concession donation. The Chairperson for the concession stand does all the purchasing and setting up prior to the meets. For safety reasons, small children and infants are not permitted in the concession area during a volunteer’s shift.

Concession Volunteer Positions 

Concession Setup: Checks in with and assists Concession chair(s) in day­ of preparation of concession stand. Shift is 6:30 am – 8:00 am. 

Concessions: Two shifts: 1 st shift – Event 1 to 45, 2 nd shift – Event 46 to end. Checks in with and assists Concession chair(s) in manning the concession stand. Duties may include preparing, stocking, delivering and selling concession items. Cleaning concession area, etc. 

Grillers:Two shifts. 1 st shift 10:00 am – 11:30 am; 2 nd shift 11:30 am – End. 1st shift grillers check in with the Concession chair(s) then prepares grills, grilling utensils, spices, meats and platters needed for their shift then grills until end of 1 st shift. 2nd shift grillers checks in with Concession chair(s) and continue to grill meats. When the grills are shut down, grills are cleaned and wiped down. Platters and utensils are washed and put away. Grills are covered and placed back in their proper spots at the diving board end of the pool. 

Hostess:Two shifts: 1 st shift – Event 1 to 45, 2 nd shift– Event 46 to end. Hostess needs to check in with Concession Chair at beginning of shift. Hostess monitors the swim deck to make sure all volunteers have water through out their shift and monitor the water level in the water jug and refilling as needed. Hostess will collect lunch coupons and orders from the Clerk of Course, Starters and Announcer. They will need to deliver completed orders to them. Concession Volunteer Positions (continued) Concession Clean­up Help clean up the concession area. This includes breaking down tables and putting equipment away. 

Meet Volunteer Shift Times (unless otherwise stated) 

Please check in for your shift with the Volunteer Coordinator 10 minutes prior to your shift time. 

 First Shift: Event 1 – 45             Second Shift: Event 46 ­ End

Meet Volunteer Positions

Setup & Cleanup: The team tent is set up at 7:00am at Away meets, requiring volunteers to be at the pool of the Away meet early. Setup for Home meets is usually done at 6:00pm the Friday night prior to a meet. It includes set up of the team tent, staging tent and benches, ropes around the pool, flags over the pool, data entry area and a table for the Starter. At the conclusion of each meet, all items need to be taken down and stored.

Scoring: First, second and third place in each event is worth a specified amount of points. The scoring person receives the deck cards from the runner, circles the middle time on each card and passes them along to the data entry volunteer.

Timer: The Timer uses a team stop watch and times each event for their lane during their shift; then writes the time for that swimmer or relay team on the event time card and gives the card to the “Runner”. If a swimmer is disqualified they write “DQ” and hold the swimmer for the Stroke Judge to explain the infraction. Timers attend the 7:30am meeting with the Stroke judges/Starter/Referee prior to each meet

Runner: The Runner takes the event time cards from the timers on deck and place picking tallies and takes them to the scoring table.

Staging: These volunteers gather the swimmer prior to their event, give them their event card and direct them to the staging/heating area. All swimmers should be under the team tent when their event is to be staged. Stagers are NOT responsible for looking for swimmers. If swimmers are not in the tent area when their event is staged, they will be scratched from the event.

Heating:These volunteers place the swimmers in the chairs in the heating area according to the lane and heat that they will be swimming. This is a great spot to get to know the team members.

Stroke Judge:Stroke Judges must attend a mandatory RMSL clinic prior to swim season. All Stroke Judges must attend a 7:30am meeting prior to the swim meet regardless of the shift they are working that day. This position is recommended for seasoned parents or parents who were competitive swimmers.

Clerk of the Course:The Clerk of the Course is needed for all dual meets at Cherry Knolls pool. Cherry Knolls has two clerks to man either side of the pool. This position is recommended for seasoned parents. If you are interested, you need to be trained for a season by a current Clerk.

Referee:The Referee oversees the Stroke Judges and works in concert with the Starter. A Referee is only needed for home meets. The Referee is required to complete RMSL training and is appointed by the Swim Team Board.

Starter: The Starter announces each heat for the events, starts the swimmers and notes any infractions prior to the swimmers leaving the wall/blocks. A Starter is only needed for home meets. The Starter is required to complete RMSL training and is appointed by the Swim Team Board.

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