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Social/Fundraising Duties

Cherry Knolls Swim Team is a terrific summertime tradition and would not continue to exist without parent volunteers. Thank you!!!To continue with this great tradition, parents from each swim team family are required to volunteer for:

  • One shift at every swim meet your child(ren) swims in; AND
  • At least 2 events (Social and/or Fundraising) (Please see above in the section about costs for information about the volunteer deposits.)
  • If you are not able to meet a volunteer shift obligation for which you are signed up, either at a meet or at a fundraising/social event, you must contact the volunteer coordinator about finding a sub. Failure to find a substitute for your fundraising/social shift will result in a volunteer deposit check being cashed. All of Cherry Knolls Swim Team events and meets are run solely by volunteer help.

  • Fundraising Events

    Funds raised cover our coaches’ salaries, equipment, etc. Parent volunteers are needed to help with the following events. Parents are required to sign up for volunteer positions as part of the registration process.

  • Swim-a-Lap All swimmers are highly encouraged to participate in this fun event. This is our biggest fundraiser. Swimmers can ask neighbors, friends, relatives, anyone to sponsor them in Swim­A-a-Lap and pledge an amount for each lap the child swims. Swimmers have one hour to swim their laps. The swimmer then collects the pledged amount of money. All money must then be turned in to the Swim-­a-­Lap chairperson by the designated date to be eligible for prizes. If your swimmer cannot swim their laps on the Swim­-a-­Lap day, arrangements can be made to swim prior to that date to be eligible for prizes.

  • Team Dinner Fundraiser is put on by parent volunteers and swimmers ages 11 and older. The older swimmers pre­sell tickets to this event, which is held on a Thursday evening in June replacing a pool Family Night.

  • Fourth of July Concessions: All of the proceeds from this event directly support our team! It is a big event that requires a little bit of help from every family. Not only do we ask families to sign up to bring beverages (water or soda) and cupcakes, but we need volunteers to help run the event. This is a special day in our neighborhood that everyone loves, so please pitch in and make it a great day! 

  • Social Events

  • Kick-­Off Dinner is for all team members (KIDS ONLY!). Dinner is served and team members learn new cheers and brush up on the old favorites with the help of our seasoned swimmers and coaches.
  • Kidnap Breakfast We need PARENTS OF 11 AND OLDER SWIMMERS to sign up for this position. It is a surprise visit early one morning from the older kids to “kidnap” the 10 and under swimmers and take them to the pool for a light breakfast and games in their pajamas. Volunteers are expected to drive and pick up children starting at 7 am and may be needed to help serve donuts and fruit. If you have a younger swimmer and want to be a driver this morning you must have someone at home with your younger child who will be "kidnapped."
  • Team Slideshow The slideshow is a favorite event for all the kids and the parents and is shown at the awards banquet. Parents submit 2 pictures of their child. Any group and event pictures are more than welcome also.
  • Night Games is a social event for the 11 and older kids occurring in the evening hours as a fun way for the kids to bond. Games and snacks are provided.
  • Prelims Events: are fun events to get kids and families excited and ready for this week. It is only for swimmers who participate in prelims and/or finals. 
  • All­ Team Banquet is for every swimmer on the team and their families to celebrate the swim season and for the swimmers to pick up their team trophies, ribbons and team photos. Participation by everyone is strongly encouraged; it is a wonderful closure to two months of hard work and fun! The swimmers love to watch the team slideshow together, and dessert is served.
  • Finals Banquet is for all swimmers who participate in prelims and finals. It is a special night to recognize everyone, and all finals ribbons, medals, and trophies will be handed out. A light dinner is served. 
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