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Why did my Child DQ?

Below is a list of the most common reasons kids are DQ'd. 

Please remember the Stroke Judges are volunteers who go through a minimum of 2 hours of training each year. At the end of their training, they are then tested. They learn much more than just what is listed.

Breast and Butterfly are difficult strokes to master. Many of the problems on the Breast or Butterfly are the result of a child not being strong, and therefore errors are made just trying to stay afloat and breathe. Stroke Judges do their best to speak with each DQ’d child to explain the problem. However, the kids frequently run off or the starter needs to start the next heat.The Stroke Judges are assigned to a special lane and as a spectator, you may not see what they see. They are responsible for three swimmers at time and they may miss things too. Stroke Judges only call what they see. There may not be time to explain to every parent what their child did incorrectly, especially with the small kids.

You can always ask the coach at the meet or after practice for an explanation.

The reason for the rules is to keep it fair but not to serve as a punishment. The Stroke Judges make sure all the strokes are correct in order to help the kids improve. It is exciting to see them try new things and not be afraid of disqualifying. With many households, a DQ can mean a trip to Dairy Queen as a reward for their kids trying something new and making a great effort, which is always the priority.


-no touch on the turn
-pulling on lane ropes or the wall

-push off bottom or walk
-leaving the pool before swimming the designated length
-for freestyle the swimmer may do any stroke (except for IM and Medley relay)
-grabbing on the lane rope or wall is legal as long as the swimmer does not pull on it


-double pull under water
-illegal kick (legs aren't together-->flutter kick, breast stroke kick)
-one handed touch
-arms must be synchronized
-part of each arm needs to come out of the water for every stroke


-improper turn (on flip turn: more than one stroke on stomach)

-went vertical

-illegal finish on IM they must touch on their back

-pull on lane ropes
-turn onto stomach



-one handed touch
-illegal kick legs ( no flutter, no side stroke, must be synchronized )
-two pulls under water
-pulled past waist (OK on underwater pull after starts and turns)



- left too soon

If you have any more questions, ask the coaches
and for those of you who want more information go to:

RMSL Technical Rules

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